2007 BEAVER CONTESSA 42FT Well not exactly this is a 2007  Beaver Contesss 38FT. It is the only Contessa picture I could find with our paint scheme. So Ours is a little Longer and has a tag axel.
BINGEL’S IN PAHRUMP We bought this lot in February 2004 Then proceed to sell our home in Garden Grove California Construction started in September 2004 We moved in in May 2005. When asked why we picked Pahrump? The answer is always "It isn't California!" When ask why we didn't pick Las Vegas? The answer is always "It is too much like California!" Pahrump is an intresting town where the longest running bad joke is the sign just off SE HWY160 that says "FUTURE HOME OF NYE COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS"
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